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There is a steady turn of events in Lanzarote they take place during the year. After Carnaval and Easter the next is Ironman.

If you have never heard of Ironman, its a triathlon that takes place in different countries and consists of:

A swim course in the sea of 2 laps with a short run between the 2 laps 2-4 miles
A bike course around the island of  112 miles
A running course along the sea front from Puerto del Carmen to Arrecife  consisting of 3 laps 26 mile

The island is quite lucky to host the event and other reaces take part in Barcelona, Italy, Strandrauber and Mallorca to name a few

A full table of international events can be found on the following link. There will be 40 races all over the world this year

Iron Active Events

There are normaly around 2000 contestants and for the week building up to the race there are notably a lot of bikes on the roads and more people arriving with bikes at the airport.

The popularity has produced a number of smaller events such as Iron Kids and Iron Girl

Of course there is prize money involved which is why so many people are competitive.

Its a big event and there are over 4000 volunteers on route not to mention the spectators.

The fastest time is normaly around 9 hours with the race starting at 6 in the morning

The race closes a 12 with people still crossing the finishing line.