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I mentioned yesterday that I was taking a trip to Teguise market with my visitors.On the way back my sister mentioned how easy it is driving around the island. I have to say it is just another one of these things you take for granted. There are a lot more cars on the road here now than ever before but it is very rare to be stuck in a traffic jam, and if you are it will probably only be for 5 or 10 minutes.

The main roads are all relatively new, although a lot of attention still needs to be paid to the roads in some of the villages. We only have traffic lights in Arrecife the capital and 1 speed camera!

Over the past few years more and more roundabout have been introduced. The problem here is no one really knows how to use them.  Everyone takes the outside lane! It doesn’t matter which exit you want to exit on. If you do venture onto the inside lane, it is very difficult to get back out again. Be sure you will hear the sound of a horn in the attempt. Another annoying part of driving here is if a driver sees  a friend or someone they know passing by, its not uncommon for them to stop and have a chat leaving you stuck behind waiting for the conversation to finish.

Believe it or not, the driving laws are quite strict here and if you do get caught doing something you shouldn’t expect a hefty fine.

After a while small distances are like travelling to the end of the world. I very rarely take a trip down to Playa Blanca for instance which is just a 30 minute drive!

One of the great advantages is that as we are on an island, you can never really get lost

Some things to remember when driving are
We drive on the right hand side of the road
Give way to the right except on roundabouts give way to the left
You must carry your driving licence and one other form of identification
You must carry the contract from the car hire company
Children must always travel in the rear seats
Most companies will only rent to people aged over 25
If you are under 25 you maybe charged for extra insurance
Always check that the car has a spare tyre
Interior and left hand mirrors are compulsory
Fines can be paid on the spot or at the local police station
Do not speed or drink alcohol if driving
Never leave valuable items in the car unattended