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Yesterday was a bit of a strange way weather wise, One of the rare cloudy days in Lanzarote. If you happened to be on the east coast of the island, looking out to sea, you would have seen a yellow/orange band in the sky. This is what’s known as a Sirocco or Calima.

Technically this is caused by a warm dry air mass, pulled northward which originates from the Sahara desert. Sand from the Sahara. It’s pretty amazing to think that the sand is traveling all that way. Not so amazing is that if it hits the island and its thick there’s a lot of sweeping up to do! Make sure your windows and doors are closed and you have no washing on the line:) Luckily this wasn’t to bad. The wind traveling over from our neighbors has in the past brought some unwelcome guests. I can remember years ago a plague of locusts. Due to the cooler climate  they were unable to survive. This has only happened once and is not a regular occurrence.

The good thing about a sirocco is that the following 3 or 4 days are clear and sunny. The perfect weather without fail. Needless to say today there isn’t a cloud in the sky.