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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what’s it like to live in Lanzarote?”

To be honest what goes through my mind at the time is probably the same as any other person living in any place in the world. Firstly, you have to earn a living to pay for your lifestyle, which means you have to get up in the morning, go to work, eat, clean the house etc. Normal daily practices that we all have to do to survive. Searching a little deeper there are some significant differences within the normal daily chores, especially during the winter months.

Some things after a while you take for granted but when you search a little deeper, you realise that they do make life  easier. The obvious one is of course, waking up in the morning and the sun is shining. I remember my life in the U.K waking up and it was dark outside, not to mention the cold! I don’t miss scraping the ice off the car in the morning and driving to work with the windows misting over. Its great to jump in the car a be where you want to be in a matter of minutes, no traffic jams and not many traffic lights. Nowhere is far here and after a while there furthest part of the island can seem like the end of the world, your perception changes completely.

Life is more outdoors. You can eat outside, go for coffee (which I never did in the U.K and is quite a regular occurrence here) in short you are comfortably outside with no weather restrictions. If you want to be alone you can always find a place of natural beauty where you know you can sit and it is unlikely that anyone will pass by.
Life is less commercial (although that is changing a little) You need less, and your free time is spent on the beach or visiting friends.

There are many benefits and all in all, when asked the question and  you get past the normalises, look into the quality of lifestyle, it’s a great place to be.