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Gorgeous Villas In Puerto Del Carmen

The temperature is Lanzarote 21C in the shade in early April and it won’t be long before temperatures get even hotter!

If you’re dreaming of escaping the changeable weather in the UK, why not book one of our villas on the Island of Eternal Spring today? With its languorous pace of life but humming nightlife, Lanzarote can offer either a relaxing holiday or a place to party to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re booking a last-minute spring break or a summer holiday, we can help you find that perfect property.

Lanzarote Villa Choice have a huge choice of properties to rent all over the island including in Puerto del Carmen where you can enjoy a variety of bars, restaurants and shops.

One of the most popular place to relax in the world, Lanzarote has villas with gleaming white-washed walls and many beaches which are a haven of peace of tranquillity.

Puerto del Carmen has a beachside boulevard nearby which fishing boats cluster at the old town dock, with the area known for its steady breeze. It is also home to an inland zoo, Rancho Texas, where you can see sea lion shows and cowboy lasso displays.

Many of our villas come with their own private pool, such as this deluxe property in Puerto del Carmen.

Getting around the island of Lanzarote is extremely easy if you decide to rent a car, and there’s plenty to explore.

Why not take a look at our villas in Puerto del Carmen today?