UK: 03300 88 5786 & IRL: (01) 5314740

The Lanzarote Aquarium is located in Costa Teguise and is well worth a visit. It has more than a million litres of water, distributed in 33 aquariums where hundreds of marine species can be observed.
In the Aquarium you will see lots of different species, both Canarian and tropical and with beautiful and striking colours.
A highlight of the visit if you time it correctly is the feeding of the baby sharks and other species in the central tank of 500,000 litres of water. You will see some underwater divers submerse into the water and interact with the stingrays and moray eels as the baby sharks swim about in front of you.
If you are looking for an amazing new experience you can even book to dive with the sharks in the main pool of the aquarium.
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