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A team made up of 11 people will arrive in June to search and locate underwater archaeological heritage in certain areas around the island such as Puerto de Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Puerto de Órzola and Marina Rubicón. The Canary Islands Diving Unit, based in the Las Palmas, will dive into the deep sea of ​​Lanzarote between June 3 and 7. An Operational Diving Team will be carrying out tasks related to surveillance and gathering information of the maritime environment of the islands of the archipelago. Among the planned activities, dives will be carried out for training in various capacities such as underwater navigation and orientation, the search and location of underwater archaeological heritage through the use of side-scan sonar, divers or underwater robot, as well as underwater filming. , or carrying out underwater repairs on ships and port facilities through surface supply. Different health exercises will also be carried out to train personnel, among others, in the recovery procedures for an unconscious diver, their evacuation, and treatment in a hyperbaric chamber in case of suffering from a decompression illness.The Canary Islands Diving Unit, based at the Las Palmas Military base, is made up of 19 people with permanent operations in both diving (EOB) and explosives disposal (EDE),