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With  events taking place to celebrate carnaval in all the villages and towns on Lanzarote, there is one village that puts a spin on the festival. Every year, the old capital of the island and historical village of Teguise holds a traditional carnaval. A popular group called the Diabletes who are the product of a mixture of aboriginal beliefs with pagan influences took part in a show that was held in a marquee. The group who are exclusive to Teguise dates back to the 16th century and are very well known to the island. Their costumes represent billi goats and can be quite alarming at first glance. The masks have horns and a tongue and appear to be macarbe and develish. Saturday was a show of simular types of groups from villages with their unique historical costumes unlike the sparkle and glitter of the modern parades that take place in other parts of the island