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Electric scooters have become a part of everyday life. Especially in Lanzarote where tourists can hop on on of the many scooters around the resort for a ride or reach a destination. They have crept into existance without any real parameters being given on how they should operate in todays modern world. This Monday, January 22, there are new rules brought into force by the General Directorate of Traffic specificaly for the circulation of electric scooters (VMP) in Spain. From today owners of these vehicles must have an identifying license plate. It will be mandatory for electric scooter owners to carry an identification aluminum plate at the VMP, a reduced sheet of general characteristics, and a circulation certificate. Drivers must carry Civil Liability Insurance and wear a helmet. The Local Police also reminds citizens that it is prohibited for VMPs to travel on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, crossings, highways, interurban roads or tunnels in urban areas. The drivers of these electric scooters are subject to the same maximum alcohol levels allowed by the Road Safety Law, as well as the prohibition of driving with the presence of drugs in the body.