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Ryanair have offered over three million international seats in the Canaries between October 22 to October 23 discovered by the Canary Islands Tourism Observatory for the Tourism Sustainability report . The report shows that low-cost airlines are dominating the skies of the Archipelago on international flights.The main stream operators that are also tied to package holidays such as offered 2.2 million seats; then TUI Group, another 2.2 million; Easyjet offered 1.6 million and Condor 0.9 million. In this sense, there are other companies such as Eurowings, Transavia, Corendon Airlines, Norwegian or Wizz Air. It has been revealed that Canarian airports generate 18% of passenger arrivals throughout Spain. Lanzarote Airport landed in tenth position with the highest reception of passengers in 2022. This data was recorded by Aena resposible for the airports in Spain. The island recieved 3.7  at the César Manrique airport.