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La Graciosa has its own Christmas Nativity scene for the December festivities. The belen has been created by a resident, Pepín Bermúdez, a retired sailor who this year has replicated the town of Caleta del Sebo, a recreation that can be visited at the Inocencia Páez Sociocultural Center. In the past Pepin has invited everyone to the door of his home on this small island in the north of Lanzarote to show a nativity scene at this time of year This year, the location has changed because the size of the nativity scene has doubled from previous years and is too big for his house. It is approximately six meters long and two meters wide.Different locations and specific details of the town are highlighted in the Bethlehem. The sandy streets with the houses, the church, the health clinic, the municipal office, the school, the plaza and even the headquarters of the Teguise Local Police. Unfortunately the only way to see it is to catch the ferry over to the island