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The artistic sculpture Fobos is back at the Tahíche roundabout at the intersection that serves to connect with Costa Teguise and San Bartolomé, the creation of one of the wind ornaments which have all been designed by César Manrique had been removed for maintenance. This past Tuesday the replacement was carried out, fourteen months after the sculpture was removed, due to damage which raised fears that it would collapse. The installation ceremony was attended by the president of the César Manrique Foundation (FCM), José Juan Ramírez,

The treatment and assembly of the new version of ‘Fobos’ has been possible thanks to two professionals, mechanical welders from the Cabildo Mobile Park. They were in charge of increasing the protective flashings of each of the 16 anchoring plates of the mobile elements, as well as welding the tubes of all the spheres in each of the joining areas with the wind collecting elements (half-moons , fish…) . They also carried out drilling in the fastening rings of each of the five main modules of the work. They also cleaned and replaced the grease in the bearing boxes with a grease with greater resistance to corrosion, lower viscosity that facilitates movement from the rest position and with better characteristics for slow movement.