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A  Plenary Session of the European Parliament has approved the resolution that highlights the right of all European Union passengers to not have to pay to carry their cabin bag on the plane during their flights. It was decided by a large majority that airlines must guarantee that passengers can carry cabin luggage free of charge. The meeting concluded that the European Commission to speed up the procedures to approve regulations that all low-cost airlines must comply with, such as Ryanair, Vueling and easyJet, among many others. The regulations must establish  common rules on hand luggage for airlines. One of the airlines,  Ryanair has shown its refusal to eliminate the cost of small suitcases on its airline. The CEO, Eddie Wilson has highlighted in the interview published by the media ‘La Información’. that they have the right to set the prices of their own products, which qualifies as a fundamental right  according to European law. He adds that there is not enough space inside the plane for everyone to carry a carry-on suitcase. the airline also has to consider the weight and dimensions. If a new European law is approved, this could see the end to the additional charge for a charge on cabin baggage when flying to Lanzarote