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The Cesar Manrique windmill scupture on the Tahiche roundabout was taken away for repairs in October 2022 and is due to be returned in December 2023. Despite the difficulties in completing the repair and installation of both the Tahiche sculpture and the airport wind toy, the President of the Cabildo has assured that they are working hand in hand with the César Manrique Foundation so that both mobile structures return to the place and movement for which they were designed.
Wind sculptures are an important part of César Manrique’s work, and as heavy iron structures, composed of spheres, circles, pyramids, etc., they require solid materials and correct assembly that favours the rotary movement generated by wind.
As a point of interest, it is almost exactly 31 years ago that the famous artist Cesar Manrique lost his life in a tragic car accident at the roundabout in Tahiche.