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The Art, Culture and Tourism Centres of Lanzarote have announced that there will be some changes with regard to entrance fees  and controls to the island attractions. They are looking to introduce time slots so that visitors do not have to wait. They are hoping that will increase the quality of the experience for tourists and eliminate crowds, especially at popular times which is know as the rush hour. Tourists will have the opportunity to choose the time slot in which they want to visit places such as ‘La Cueva de los Verdes’ or ‘Montañas de Fuego’, introduced after the long queues that have formed in some of the Lanzarote destinations this summer. It has become necessary to control the tickets offered to tourists, so that everyone can enjoy their experience in Lanzarote. Groups of fifty people will be able to enter and each group will have fifteen minutes, in which clients will be able to arrive ten minutes early and enter directly. The time slots will be available until five in the afternoon.