UK: 03300 88 5786 & IRL: (01) 5314740

A fashion show called “Retopia Experience” will be held at the Cactus Garden at 18.30 on Saturday 23rd September. 
‘Retopia’ is an art project from the Tahíche Penitentiary Centre that uses art to promote positive aspects in re-education and personal development. It’s purpose is to activate mechanisms that contribute to the construction of positive factors in the evolution of people, with the aim of achieving their transformation and reintegration into society. It is based on concepts such as recycling, transforming, opportunity, individuality, present time and learning to open a window into the inner world of the prison through art. One of the highlights is the fashion show called ‘Fashion Experience Herencia 1919’, which seeks to commemorate the year of César Manrique’s birth. This event aspires to re-educate through art, overcome social barriers and contribute to the well-being and development of people.
Entrance is free but you first of all need to request an invitation from the Casa Amarilla in Arrecife – see location.