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Sea Floor Walk is an innovative system that allows you to walk under the sea. It consists of a helmet that offers us an impressive vision (manufactured with the most advanced technology) and a floating raft with two bottles that continuously supply air through the hose-connected hose. This new experience will make you feel zero gravity like on the moon surrounded by our stunning marine life.
To do this activity the minimum age is eight years, it is not necessary to know how to swim, you can go with glasses, you do not need experience and can do it to anyone regardless of their physical form. You just need to walk and breathe and a small training of ten minutes.
It lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and with a maximum depth of six meters.
You will remain dry from the shoulders up (your hair doesn`t get wet, Your makeup wont run and you can wear glasses.
Your certified guide will walk with you underwater along a pre-determined path through colourful marine life and schools of beautiful fish.
Photos and Videos (USB Stick/Pendrive) additional 25€ (optional)
For safety reasons it is not allowed the use of personal cameras.
Please take a towel and Swimgear with you.
Transfer included
1 day pre-booking necessary, You can book through Alex Karl Diving on Facebook or whatsapp the number +34 603 519801.