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Folkloric groups and decorated cars paraded through the streets of  this normaly sleepy village participating in the tXXVII Pilgrimage in honor of San Juan Bautista in Haría. Hundreds of pilgrims dressed in typical costumes shared typical products for a pilgrimage such as pejines, dates, gofio and biscuits all washed down with homemade wine. The pilgramage started at 7pm and from the cemetery moved through the central streets of the town of Haría. Music was played by the School of Folklore of the Haría City Council. Everyone is very lively throughout singing and taking part in traditional dances. At the square next to the church, a figure of the Patron Saint Saint John the Baptist was waiting for them where they made offerings to the Saint which were later donated to the most needy families in the municipality. After a fiesta started in the square which took place with music and dancing until the early hours of the morning.