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The 30th May every year is marked as Canarian day and a bank holiday across the archipelago. Its the day that the autonomy is celebrates which dates back to 30th May 1983 when the first sessions of the Canarian Parliament took place in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The decision for this celebration arose from a non-law proposal presented by the deputy of the Mixed Group, Oswaldo Brito, where he requested the establishment of the celebration of the Day of the Canary Islands. In March 1983, the parliamentary debate was held. From this, the final initiative arose to make the date coincide with the constitution of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. It was the start of the islands greater voice in voting in the country. Its a day full of activities with special attention paid to the culture and traditions of the islands with many of the locals wearing traditional costumes. If you happen to be on holiday during this time you will be sure to come across some of the celebrations. A full programme of events in Lanzaroyte can be seen by clicking here