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If you have spent time in Lanzarote or any other Canary Island you may have heard about a local food called Gofio. Especially if you have ventured away from the more tourist areas and have visited some authentic local restaurants across the island.

Gofio is a kind of cornmeal flour which is toasted and consumed in many different forms.
It is very nutritional and has a high content of vitamins and minerals. It has a high content of B1, B2 and B3. It also contains vitamins C and D. It also contains phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, zinc and potassium, the amounts will vary depending on the types of cereals it includes.

Gofio can be prepared and served in many different forms. Traditionally it was prepared as a drink but more recently it is mixed with milk and mixing with nuts and then cooking it and serving with other traditional Canarian recipes.

Perhaps the best known recipe is the scalded gofio. This is consisting of diluting the gofio in a broth, mixing quickly so that it thickens without making lumps. This recipe can be made with fish broth -the most common being called Sanchocho – or with other broths such as watercress, ribs, potatoes or even stew broth.

The other popular way to eat Gofio is as a dessert. It can be served with bananas or ice cream or mousse can be made with this ingredient. Finally, it can also be used as a flour for making biscuits with a more intense flavor.