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We are living in a time when energy is constantly in the news with regard to the cost, source and environment Within the mix of energy us.ed and generated on the Canary Islands, wind turbines continued to be the most popular source producing 39.4% of the energy consumed. As a result the technologies free of emissions increased to 95.7% compared to January 2022 and they reached a quota of 21.5% of the production, being the wind energy port of 18.3%, as reported by Red Eléctrica Española. The electrical demand in the Canary Archipelago in energy was 731,584 MWh, a 2.6% more, except if the demand is due to the effects of the calendar and temperatures, the demand was a 2.2% higher than the same as the previous year. Spain in general has registered a new historical maximum of electricity from renewables, the production of the whole of technologies that no CO2 emissions equivalent to 18,827 GWh, more than 80% of the total production in the country, including have reached levels of up to 90.7% during a few hours of the month.