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Discovering the real Lanzarote is like discovering a gem on a sandy beach. There are so many routes often dominated by other tourists blocking the real lifestyles of the islands inhabitants. On a route that takes you around the north of Lanzarote an oportunity to stop off at the coastal village of Arrieta on one of the islands main roads may arise. If you are hungry its a good place to rest and take advantage of one of the villages fish restaurants. Alternatively, you can walk along the coastal road to the next village called Punta Mujeres. Its a peaceful walk with quaint little apartments and houses boardering the roadside. When you reach the heart of the village you will find some natural pools in the sea which are where the locals bathe. Punta Mujeres means Ladies Point and the name was given to the village during the time of the dictator Francos rule when men and wome had to bathe seperately. Its a good stop during a tour for something to eat and a dip iin the sea.