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This week Tias is hosting their special week of fiestas in honour of their patron saint La Candelaria and San Blas.
There are still a few days of celebrations to go…..

Friday , 3

– 17,00 h.- Musical Show “La Candelaria” and  Procession.

– 18,00 h.- Pilates in the local Sociedad.

– 20,00 h.- Canarian Humourist “Manolo Vieira” and his show, “LA ÚLTIMA Y NOS VAMOS”

– 22,00 h.-VERBENA  dance with “Nueva Stella” and the group Grupo “Arena” 


Saturday, 4

– 10,00 h.- Infant ceramic craftwork  “La Barrilla” (children older than 7).

– 11,00 h.- Chess in the Sociedad 

– 18,00 h.- Women’s Handball 

– 20,00 h.-  Canarian music instrument the Timple

– 22,00 h.-VERBENA dance with la Orquesta “Rikabanda” y el Dj “Javi Fajardo” in the Plaza de La Candelaria.

Sunday, 5

– 9,00 h.- Football .

– 17,00 h.- Dance show by Escuela de Baile MT Dance, in the Teatro Municipal.


More details can be found on the Tias TownHall website