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One of the unique carnival traditions for Lanzarote is the participation of a group`of older gentlemen called Los Buches. The translation of buches in English is fish bladder and the name derives from a group of fisherman that used to blow up fish bladders and hit eachother and members of the public. This year is the 60th anniversary of this group and Arrecife council has paid an emotional homage as a celebration. The event took place at 12:00 on Sunday on the stage of the Islas Canarias park in Arrecife where the Councilor for Fiestas, Encarna Páez Toledo,  acknowledged the legacy that to this day is a benchmark of identity as part of the cultural heritage. The parade Los Buches that today go down the streets at Carnival was founded in 1963. Its creation had the aim to recover a tradition that had disappeared for twenty years due to the prohibitions of the Franco regime. César Manrique, who was an enthusiastic of this group and who always tried to do not miss the traditions of the island, designed the mask that Los Buches wear today.