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Lanzarote for some time has been a place of interest for space agencies studying the surface of the National Park of Timanfaya and astronaut training. Now for the first time the Lunar Institute and some of the most advanced universities in the world will meet in one of the islands caves. ESA and NASA have been interested not only in the surface of places such as the Timanfaya National Park or the Tinguatón volcano, but also in the subsoil, in the caves and, in particular, in the the spectacular volcanic tube of La Corona, formed 25,000 years ago. The importance of the cave study is because the existing caves on the Moon and Mars can offer refuge to astronauts the day space agencies start building bases in those places, because they are places safe from solar radiation. ; and they can also be an ideal place to look for traces of present or past life, for the same reason. The conference will serve as a forum to discuss ongoing mission proposals for space agencies and the long-term goal of developing a strategy for robotic exploration of caves throughout the solar system. The plenary sessions will take place in the caves of Jameos del Agua, in that segment of the La Corona volcanic tube that the genius of César Manrique turned into one of the most spectacular auditoriums in the world.