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The annual Quemao Class Surf competiion was held this week on the 26 & 27th December 2022 with the winner announced as Natxo Gonzalez from the Pais Vasco.
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The BILLABONG QUEMAO CLASS is an event that does not have the constraints of a competition calendar with fixed dates. It is an event that only gets underway when the best wave conditions arise, waves that are the dream of any surfer in the world. 
A total of 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders selected by the organization will be tested in the big waves of El Quemao, La Santa, Lanzarote.
Open male surf 
Open male bodyboard 
Lanzarote TYPE OF WAVE 
Reef wave 
Break: left and right. 
Level: high 
Water temperature: 19-20ªC