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A unique way to celebrate the New Year will be taking place at the Atlantida multi cine.Blve House Music, producer of events will be holding a end of the year party. Its a movie year-end party, which will start after midnights at 00:30, to celebrate the beginning of the year in a special way. The organizers have confirmed that it will be a different night, with a different genre of music and an atmosphere that will be created in one of the most iconic spaces of the capital of Arrecife. If you are interested in  going to the Atlántida, New Year’s Eve Party you can buy tickets at the official points of sale. They can only be purchased physically in the Azvl stores in Lanzarote, located on Calle Real, Calle Fajardo, C.C Biosfera and C.C. Deiland.The capacity is limited. Ticket sales will be active until December 31. For more information visit the official Instagram account @blvehousemusic