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The well know sports complex amongst enthusiasts and profesionals La Santa is preparing to host a new edition of the Billabong Quemao Class. This is a surfing and bodyboard competion which attracts best international and national surfers and bodyboarders. This will be the seventeenth edition with 64 atheletes taking advantage of the impressive and powerful waves off the coast of Lanzarote. The competition has not set a fixed date for its celebration, as the organization is waiting for the waves to reach optimal conditions. The wave conditions are based on the color alert warning system. Orange alert refers to a waiting period which the competion is currently in. Yellow refers to a date can be set and green is the go ahead for the event. This is when 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders will meet. The champions of the last edition, Natxo González and Lionel Medina are expected to return to La Santa to defend the title. This will be a great event for spectators watching with the best surfers from all over the world competing.