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The Lanzarote Council have been remembering Cesar Manrqique, 30 years after his death in a car accident on the island, his beloved home, at the crossroads in Tahiche which has now been converted into a roundabout and is overlooked by one of his most beautiful  wind toys, the whirling silver Fobos.

“It’s three decades since we lost the genius, our favoured son, but his light and his arguments are more important than ever in a world that is in conflict and a planet that is faced with the threat of climate change,” said Lanzarote Mayor, Corujo.
“Now, more than ever, we need figures such as César Manrique -. a man who used dialogue  as the medium for meetings, and who turned art into a brilliant way of expressing love for nature.”

The video below shows Lanzarote today but with many of Cesar Manrique’s art and architecture..see if you can spot them.