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If you are looking for a relaxed activity whilst on holiday in Lanzarote and a chance to see something you might not normally see why not try the Dolphin Tour. Just a few kiometer from the coast a different world exists which is home to cetaceans and dolphins. A boat trip can take you to visit from the old town harbour in Puerto del Carmen.The trips are in small groups with a guide who can explain the peculiarities of the island’s seabed, as well as the many types of life forms living out of view. There are also some excursions that allow you to jump into the water and snorkel with the dolphins for a real close experience. At certain time of the year you may even catch a glimpse of some other creatures that visit the waters around Lanzarote such as sperm whales, fin whales and even killer whales, although these are less common they have been seen previously. Its a fantastic oportunity to see these amazing sea creatures in their natural habitat without disturbing their natural behaviors, but being close enough to watch them play, swim and breathe. For more information of tours available visit Dolphin Tours