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The Travesia A Nado del Rio has been confirmed as going ahead this year by the Cabildo of Lanzarote. 
This will be the first time in 4 years as bad weather put paid to the event in 2019 and then the Covid pandemic meant that 2020 and 2021 were both cancelled.
The Travesía a nado “El Río” is an annual open water swimming event that crosses the strait, known as the Rio, between Lanzarote and it’s neighbouring island of La Graciosa. Swimmers have to descend the mountain to the start line at Playa de Bajo Risco on Lanzarote and the finish line is the dock at Caleta de Sebo on La Graciosa. 
2,600 meters separate the two points. 
This Marine Reserve enjoys particularly strong currents, and due to high demand, every year only the lucky few get a place.

Registration has not opened yet for the event which will be later on in the year on the Cabildo de Lanzarote website –