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The Canarian Tourist Board has launched its first cooperative digital marketing platform. The goal is for tourists to be able to buy their local experiences before arriving on the islands. Small and medium sized enterprises and freelancers from the tourism subsector on the islands can now create their own digital stores. It has been tested nationally in Madrid with screens in the most visited square in Spain which boasts  around 150 million visitors a year. The screens display a multimedia advertisment which airs at a specific time. An international campaign is planned on social networks in English, French, German and Italian, four of the most important source markets for tourists to the Canary Islands. The forecast is to have a reach of more than 100,000 people, who will have the opportunity to get to know the platform and be able to book their excursions and services from home. There will also be an advertisment to highlight Active Tourism on the islands in the National Geographic Travel magazine. The popular magazine will take an island-by-island tour, discovering the activities  combined with the historical information of each one,