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The final approval has just been passed for the construction of a new underpass under the LZ-2 to improve the connection between the town of Playa Honda and the commercial and industrial centre on the other side of the dual carriageway. This new underpass will run parallel to the existing underpass but will facilitate both pedestrian, cyclist and general traffic. This should ease the congestion on the Playa Honda roundabout which authorities say is a minimum of 9000 vehicles a day.
A safe underpass will be generated, provided with natural lighting through skylights on the roof that will allow both the interior air to be regenerated, as well as to provide light and provide greater comfort to the space”, they specify, adding that “the vegetation will separate road traffic from pedestrian and cyclist traffic, thus differentiating each traffic lane and providing greater safety along its route”, creating “a space for urban coexistence, comfortable, safe and easy to navigate, which will eliminate the physical barrier that currently exists between the area of a mainly commercial character and the urban nucleus of Playa Honda”.