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Christmas might almost be over elsewhere but in Lanzarote we still have the main event to come. The Reyes Magos (Three Kinds) arrive on the 6th January bringing more gifts for the young and old. This day is English is known as the Epiphany and the three wise men are the “Reyes Magos”. 
On the evening of the 5th January people celebrate the Kings arrival by watching the parades in the street. This in Spanish in known as a “Cabalgata”.
Here in Lanzarote they traditionally throw streets for the children and parade on camels through the streets.
The Tias Town Hall is planning to hold certain events to welcome the Kings arrival. On the 5th January you can see them at the Football Stadium in Tias at 18.00 and the Old Town Harbour Plaza del Varadero at 19.00.

This event is subject to any last minute changes due to Covid restrictions.