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Shearwaters are endangered seabirds and the small Canary islands off the north coast of Lanzarote, Alegranza, Montana Clara and Roque del Este, have the 2nd largest breeding colony in the world.
Known here as Pardelas, according to WWF, there are 11,000 pairs off the coast of Lanzarote, within the Archipelago Chinijo. Furthermore this UNESCO protected area is the largest marine reserve of Spain.
The Shearwater colonies arrive to the Canary Islands in March, migrating from the coast of Brazil to breed on the cliffs. Being a pelagic bird, they have a gland in their beak which naturally allows them to desalinate the ocean water. As a result, they don´t need to drink fresh water, therefore they can live completely in the sea.
Local authorities have asked residents in the north of Lanzarote to reduce their light pollution during the months of September and October, just after breeding season, when the fledgling shearwaters make their maiden flight. The chicks navigate by the moon and are easily disorientated by artificial lights.
These seabirds are highly protected and should anyone see one stranded or hurt , please call the local authorities on 0034 696 733 177.