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A new camel historical center will be ready by the end of 2022. The new building that will be situated at Timanfaya where camel rides are offered has an estimated cost of 600,000 euros. The building will cover an area of ​​2,930 square meters. The initiative has arisen from the need to offer visitors a more in depth history of the island’s camel hut, with Uga as the epicenter. the hut will also offer visitors an oportunity to taste some typical products of the island and the sale of dromedary milk. You will still be able to take the traditional camel ride ate the base of the National park. the price of the ride is still under review with an increase planned. For more than a decade the price per person has been set at 6 euros; and since each animal can carry two travelers at the same time, a maximum of 12 euros is charged per trip. The Consistory has in its possession a study that determines that a rate of at least 20 euros per trip must be established. Therefore, each person should pay 10 euros..