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Coastlines in the Canary Islands are enriched with natural pools. Places where locals gather to take a dip in the warm waters with added protection from the Atlantic  The pools in Punta Mujeres is no exception where you will find kids jumping of rocks, locals fishing and meeting to catch up on the news or just relaxing before or after work. The pools run along the south bay of this northern village benefitting from the breeze and milder climate.
The volcanic eruption from most northerly volcano La Corona created the pools as the lava flows met the sea creating walls which the sea enters into. There are 2 pools which are favoured and are the first ones you see when entering the village near to the pub. The other bays are quieter and a great place to relax watching the fishermen in their small boats catch the fish of the day. The village itself has a good selection of traditional restaurants which makes this particular area a good place to visit for a day to unwind.