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Teguise village is the old capital of Lanzarote and has a lot of historical importance. A project is underway to recover and preserve its heritage making a start by improving its open air museum.After years of exposure to inclement weather different cultural sculptures will benefit from a renovation. The five works which were designed as a remider of culture unique to Teguise include the sculptures Los Diabletes and Rancho de Pascuas, which are installed in La Villa; that of the Canarian Fight in Tao; Handball in Soo and the recognition of the matrons in the Tahiche square. The upper elements of the sculptures need some attention with some pieces needing replacement. In addition the local council will continue to expand with the installation of a sculpture in La Graciosa, after an institutional declaration was approved in the municipal plenary session in order to pay tribute to all the graceful women. and its enormous task of exchanging products with the island of Lanzarote by traveling the ‘Camino de Las Gracioseras’, in the Risco de Famara.