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The history of La Graciosa talks often about the working women of the island who used to carry the fish up the mountainside on Lanzarote. The young women would buy fish from local fishermen, then salt them at home and dry them for a couple of days in the sun. When the lightly-cured fish were ready for market, they would wake at 4am and the menfolk would ferry them across El Río to the Playa del Risco, carrying the girls onto the beach on their shoulders so their clothes didn’t get wet. Each of the Graciosera girls would then carry two 30 kilogram sacks up the steepest and highest ascent on the island, climbing the winding rocky footpath up the cliff to the Mirador de Ye

There is a campaign on which will run until at least 08/03/21 to collect signitures so that a sculpture in tribute to these women can be erected. They want the sculpture to be on the road to Las Gracioseras, which goes from the lower part of the Risco to the town of Ye.