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There are many hidden secrets on the island of Lanzarote. Visitors often arrive and leave without discovering the mysteries of this beautiful island. The caves of 7 lakes are not open for the public but nether the less its interesting to know that there some interesting landscapes that cannot be seen by all visitors. These cave are known to be amongst the selected few the nicest caves of the Corona Lava Tube system. The entrance is closed by steelwork and it is illegal to enter. permission must be obtained by the government to explore this part of Lanzarote. The length of the tube is 856m. and the depth of the tunnel is 46m. The end of the tube supports a  Anchialine eco system and links with the tourist attraction of Jameos del Agua. These caves can be visited by the public. Some second levels can be found and these are still under Exploration. There is hope to connect this cave in future to Jameo de Los Verdes, as the link in between is missing the whole Coronal Lavatube .