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Some modifications have been made to terminal 2 at Lanzarote airport and it is now ready for service again after its closure in the middle of last year. The changes that have been made have consisted of the redistribution of the spaces inside the building. Part of the check-in space has been recovered for the boarding area and natural lighting has been installed along with a new restaurant area which has gained surface area, natural lighting and a restaurant service. Due to the decrease in arrivals on the island it has been decided that terminal 1 will continue to be the only terminal open on. They may however swap because terminal 1 is also in need of some renovation to accommodate a new area for arrivals from the UK due to Brexit. New offices to accommodate police will be required. Part of the new infrastructures will be placed in spaces where there are currently commercial units, which will be relocated to other areas. The check in desks will also be improved and changes will be made to the existing twelve boarding counters.