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Terminal 1 in Arrecife airport will be the recipient of  2 million euros for new passport stalls. In 2019 the main terminal will have a new area for the control of passports with state of the ark equipment simular to other international airports.
The work  includes  dismantling existing booths, assembly of new control booths on the 12 existing boarding gates, renewal of automatic boarding gates, signaling and associated information screens and all electrical and communications networks.
In arrivals, with a budget of almost 1.24 million euros, there will be a modification of the current route of passengers once they disembark to carry out passport control by the National Police or by ABC control system (14 units are planned to be installed) ). Likewise, the rooms occupied by the Police will be updated with a proposal for new service areas (changing rooms and toilets), offices and police cells. The works include the demolition and dismantling of existing areas