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The Government of the Canary Islands is working so that they can analyze which time is best for the islands, whether summer or winter.This Sunday Europe will change its time by 1 hour for the winter. It could be the last time the clock is changed given that the European Commission expects to agree in April 2019 on new regulations.
Last September, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, confirmed the proposal to put an end to the time changes after the survey that collected more than 4.6 million responses and revealed that 84 % of Europeans choose to end this practice.
The Government of Spain has appointed commission of experts consisting of 14 people to discuss the reform of the official time. The Executive of Sanchez wants to know if Spainy should choose to maintain the winter schedule or the summer and analyze whether it is beneficial to return to the summer time zone in March. In this case, the Canarian Government has also requested this change so that the islands maintain their 1 hour behind the mainland.