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This Thursday the Eagle Air Patrol of the Air Force will be at the Military Aerodrome of Guacimeta preparing for an display which can be seen on Sunday. The show is part of a program of events to celebrate the 600 years of the municiple of Teguise. The Patrol is composed of 7 planes, and 8 aircraft of type E-25 (C-101) will be deployed, accompanied by a T-21 (CN-295) aircraft that will transport personnel and support teams.
On Friday, a preliminary test is planned, in order to take references of the terrain, the buildings and the situation of the public and  to comply with all safety standards of a display. In addition, a visit has been arranged for the students of Teguises to the Guacimeta facilities to see the planes.
The maneuvers on Sunday, starting at noon, will be framed in a standardized table and approved by the Chief of Air Staff. It should mean that this table is the same as the Patrol performs in all its exhibitions whether nationally or internationally.