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Hundreds of pilgrims took to the roads on Saturday, all from different parts of the island making their way to Mancha Blanca to pay homage to the Virgin of Los Dolores. Many of them this year started earlier than in previous years to avoid the hot temperatures during the day which have been dominating the island over the past week due to the calima.
To help the pilgrims on their way the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers supplied 770 kilos of fruit and 9,000 bottles of water in various stations on route to the church.
The traditional offering to the Virgin of Los Dolores started at 6:45 pm. The councils offered baskets filled with local products including dried fish, pejines and grains such as peas, lentils and sweet potatoes amongst other traditional Lanzarote produce. These are all later given to the people most in need.
It’s not just the islanders that get involved. This year a delegation from the island of Gran Canaria, specifically from the municipality of Teror participated in the pilgrimage and made a donation to the Virgen de Los Dolores .
A special public transport service with buses connected Arrecife and Mancha Blanca every 30 minutes for those who did not want to walk