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Inbetween Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and clearly visible is the nationally protected island of Los Lobos. Uninhabited and measuring just 6 square kilometers, the little paradise has been a popular visiting point for tourists for many years. The short journey from both islands has been a regular feature for island trips, a chance to spend a day on the quiet sandy bay. After all these years the water taxis have come under close scrutiny and it looks like the day trips are possibly coming to an end. The authorities have now decided that there are no official permits or any authorisation for these boats to vist the island on a commercial basis. The local police have started to monitor visits to the island and are planning prosecution under the provision of coastal law. The water taxis are ignoring the threat of prosecution and continuing the visits with the exception of 1 company which has decided to stop. The rest say that they will continue until they receive written confirmation that they cannot operate this activity. The police and council have refused to give written confirmation. I think this one will take a long time to resolve