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Travelling up to the north of Lanzarote, heading in the direction of Haria and passing the village of Teguise you will see the wind farm of Los Valles perched on the mountainside on the right. Operated by Endesa (the main electricity company here) and the Insular Water Consortium of Lanzarote it has produced in the first half of of this year 13,349.6 megawatt hours of energy, which equates to supplying electricity to more than 7,600 homes on the island. The output of the farm has improved noticeably in relation to the first half of 2017.
From January to June, the Los Valles wind farm was the third largest in terms of energy produced in the Canary Islands.
The improvement was largely due to the start-up of a tenth wind turbine at the beginning of the year, with a production quality similar to the nine existing ones.