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The UK has been experiencing some of the best summer weather since 5 years ago. Many asking the question will it be as bad as 1976 with temperatures reaching 38.5C. Instead of escaping the snow and cold weather, this maybe an oportunutity to escape the heatwave and travel abroad. The temperatures in the Canaries tend to be a lot more comfortable so the oportunity to enjoy good weather without the torture that comes along with it in the UK is a good reason to travel.
So whats better about enjoying the sunshine in Lanzarote?
1. There is less humidity on the island so you will find the heat much more comfortable
2. We tend to have a good breeze helping you keep cool when you are walking around
3. Because of the lack of vegitation, the pollen count is a lot lower for hayfever sufferers.
4. Our general water supply is desalinated so it never runs out. You just need bottled water to drink.
5. There is less pollution in the air
Remenber that the UV is much higher here so it is important use a good sun tan lotion to protect yourself