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Papagayo Beaches

East of Playa Blanca one finds the beautiful Papagayo beaches, five untouched, sparsely populated stretches of fine golden sand separated by cliffs. The largest and busiest is Playa Mujeres, then the beach of Playa de los Colorados, Playa de las Ahogaderas and Playa de la Cera – all west of Punta del Papagayo – as well as Playa Caleta del Congrio and Playa de Puerto Muelas located east of the Punta.
The main problem is getting there. There is a very bad dirt road, 4-5 kilometres, along which one frequently is not allowed to drive rented cars. Taxis are also very reluctant to expose their cars to these pot holes. Many people do still drive, however, and the quality of the road obviously varies a lot depending on recent weather versus reparations. There is a very nice taxi boat trip from Playa Blanca harbour and Marina Rubicon, but it is almost as expensive as going to Fuerteventura or on a full day cruise. On the other hand, a day at the Papagayo beach might well be as nice an experience. The walk along these beaches is lovely in itself, but the most comfortable way of seeing Papagayo is probably by boat.

Sand: Fine sand and Natural Beaches. Naturist Friendly
Toilets: No 
Showers: No
Sunbeds: No
Parasols: No
✔ Water sports: No
Snack Bar: Yes
✔ Location: Just outside Playa Blanca
Life Guard: No