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Pool Heating
Some pools are heated electrically but some are solar heated (using solar mats) so the temperature will therefore depend on the weather conditions, the outside temperature and time of day.
If your pool is heated this can make a difference of up to 5°C  compared to a pool which is not heated. Pool heating is designed to take the chill off the water, not to heat it to body temperature. It is imperative to use the pool cover when the pool is not in use to stop the heat escaping.
For your safety pools should not reach temperatures over  28°C.

Solar Heating
This is usually switched on all year and dependent on the sun

Electric heating
Usually turned on during the winter months. Pools are usually maintained between 24°C and 28°C with the use of the pool cover.
In some cases the pool heating can be supplied during the summer months but supplements may apply.

Swimming pools should be used with care and safety in mind and are at your own risk. No diving or pushing, no running and non swimmers and children should be supervised at all times.
Please do not try and walk or run across the pool covers.
It is forbidden to touch or change any of the swimming pool controls. If there is a problem with the swimming pool the villa manager must be contacted immediately.